How and Why I Got Into Nutrition

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You guys, I have missed you SO much. Life got a little crazy the past couple of weeks due to being away, birthdays, starting a new semester, and moving. Blogging got away from me for a while there, but we are finally starting to feel settled back into a routine in our new place and I am back. 

While I put my kitchen back together, I thought I would tell you guys about something that I was thinking a lot about today. On the first day of one of my classes this week, my teacher asked us all to go around and say how we got into nutrition. There were so many different interesting answers. Some people had overcome eating disorders, some were very interested in the biochemistry of food in our bodies, some had a family or friend with a sickness that was treated with nutrition, and other people just had a general interest in health and well being. Well, thought I would tell you a little but about how I got into this field. 

When I did my undergrad, I had originally set out to become a teacher. I majored in early childhood education, and I thought that was the path for me. To be totally honest, I did not know what else to choose at 18 years old, so I just went for it. After about 2.5 years in that program and some hands on school experience, I decided that it just was not the career for me. I thought back to what really interested me, and it was definitely the healthcare industry. I had an interest in health in general, and was fascinated by the multitude of career choices you have in the field. 

The closest major my college had to anything “health”related was a program they had just recently added, wellness management. I changed my major knowing that I would probably have to graduate a semester late, and would most likely have to continue to grad school to specify the field I wanted to be in. After finally graduating, I took a job at a pharmacy as a “wellness ambassador” and pharmacy tech, where I basically aimed to drive pharmacy sales with healthcare events. My favorite part of the job? Working with people. 

I took another job in an office about a year later, and while I loved my job, I missed interacting with people everyday. I knew it was time to go to grad school, and I applied to a health care administration program at a school nearby. About a year into this program, I realized that it mainly led to a career behind a desk, and that just wasn’t for me. I knew I wanted to be in the healthcare industry. I wanted the chance to work in a hospital on a medical team for patients with life threatening conditions. But, I also liked the idea of prevention, and keeping children and adults healthy. I loved seeing people out in the community, and private practice didn’t seem so bad either. After some serious soul searching, I realized that food and nutrition was my calling. And nutrition provides opportunities in each and every one of these areas. 

I switched my graduate program to nutrition which would lead me on the path to do a dietetic internship and sit for the registered dietitian exam. Right now, I am in the third and last year of my program and I am absolutely in love with it. Next year, I will do my internship and sit for the exam. Yes, it is difficult to be a full time student at the age of 26 while still working and planning a wedding. I want to be working more and establishing myself, but I’m almost there and thankfully Ryan has been nothing but supportive. I’ve done my fair share of complaining, but I know when I’m done I will be so thankful that I did it. 

Throughout this program I have found that nutrition is truly my  passion, and it is absolutely fascinating to me. I love learning about every aspect of food, from the different ways to prepare and cook it to the ways it effects your body.  Nutrition can be used in elementary schools to help young children learn how to eat to create health and prevent disease in the future, and it can also be used in cancer patients, patients needing transplants, and everything in between. Nutrition can be used to help our economy by purchasing locally grown produce, and it will help our bodies too. Call my crazy, but I truly believe that nutrition can change the world. 

I am so glad that I found nutrition and a passion in cooking and health. It feels so good to love what I’m doing.


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